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Dr. Jonas Tusch

3rd prize of the year 2021

Tungsten Isotope Constraints on Archean Geodynamics

Institute of Geology und Mineralogy, University of Cologne

© Jonas TuschDr. Jonas Tusch (3. Preis): "Tungsten Isotope Constraints on Archean Geodynamics"
Copyright: Jonas Tusch

In his research work in the field of geochemistry, Dr Tusch investigated the tungsten isotope ratios of world-famous archaic rocks.

As one of three laboratories worldwide, he set up a procedure for the high-precision measurement of tungsten isotopes. This enabled him to carry out tungsten isotope measurements on the world-famous archaic rocks from Isua in Greenland and the Pilbara Craton in north-west Australia, which are now among the most precise data sets of their kind. With the tungsten isotope dataset of the world-famous Greenlandic rock, he was able to show that all rocks of this craton have homogeneous tungsten isotope anomalies. His tungsten isotope dataset of the Australian rock shows for the first time that such anomalies disappeared in Archean rocks about 3.3 billion years ago, probably due to the more widespread onset of plate tectonics on Earth. In a third approach, he was able to show that modern ocean island basalts tungsten isotope signatures indicate preserved relics of over 4.4 billion years old crust recycled into the Earth's mantle.