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Photo Contest ABC/J

© Jörn BittnerCopyright: Jörn Bittner

Your student councils of Earth Sciences and Geography have jointly organised a photo competition!

We joined forces within the ABC/J and searched for your best excursion pictures under #abcjauftour. There were great prizes to win.

Here are the winners:

1st Place

© Nils Matti HofmannCopyright: Nils Matti Hofmann

2nd Place

© Effi DrewsCopyright: Effi Drews

3rd Place

© Rosalie KunkelCopyright: Rosalie Kunkel

4th Place

© Marcel MarxCopyright: Marcel Marx

5th Place

© Sophie GoertzCopyright: Sophie Goertz

Thank you very much for sharing these moments with us and all the ABC/Js!

Your geo-student councils from Aachen, Bonn and Cologne