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Towards an International Geoscience Network

Geoverbund ABC/J and the Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment & Society (SAGES) meet at this year’s Annual Science Meeting (ASM) in Scotland.

The Scottish alliance is a mirror of Geoverbund ABC/J in many ways. As a multidisciplinary network, it pools expertise in geoscience and environmental science from across Scotland’s research base. In 2016 SAGES and Geoverbund ABC/J formed a partnership to work together on bilateral research projects, post graduate education and staff exchange.
On 15 and 16 November 2018, delegates from RWTH Aachen University, the Universities of Bonn and Cologne and Forschungszentrum Jülich followed the invitation to meet their Scottish colleagues in Dunblane. ‘This year we have our international partners in attendance for joint sessions on Carbon, Water Cycle management and Earth System Modelling’, announced Prof. Mark Inall, the Director of SAGES, at the beginning of the event.

© Geoverbund ABC/J Geoverbund ABC/J delegates from RWTH Aachen University, the Universities of Bonn and Cologne and Forschungszentrum Jülich meet their Scottish colleagues at the SAGES Annual Science Meeting 2018 in Dunblane.
Copyright: Geoverbund ABC/J

The Geoverbund participants were impressed by the breadth of SAGES research presented at the ASM including sessions on ocean interactions, volcanoes, environmental quality and human wellbeing. ‘A great opportunity for developing joint research activities and continuing successful cooperation’, summarized Prof. Roland Bol from Geoverbund ABC/J. He was accompanied by a master student who will collect peat samples in Scotland for a collaborative research project.
SAGES Graduate School Convenor Dr. John Howe was especially pleased about the young academics exchange opportunities, ‘We have received great feedback from our students participating in the ABC/J Scientific Writing Course in April and this year’s ABC/J Summer School on Hydrogeophysics. Likewise we are delighted to welcome students from the Geoverbund network to Scotland’.
Geoverbund ABC/J and SAGES will expand their cooperation in 2019 within the framework of an academic staff exchange programme.

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