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PostDoc in root system modeling

23.02.2021 - LEPSE – INRAE, Institut Agro, Montpellier, France

Postdoctoral position in root system modeling , 2 years, application as soon as possible:

We are seeking an outstanding, motivated candidate for a two-years Post-Doctoral position in root system modeling as part of the H2020 project SolACE. SolACE is inspired by the aim of finding “Solutions for improving Agroecosystem and Crop Efficiency for water and nutrient use”. In that project, our task is finding the best combinations of belowground traits to optimize plant foraging efficiency in suboptimal water and N supply scenarios.

Our strategy is to use crop models that are popular tools in plant sciences to integrate our knowledge about complex plant processes and performance as influenced their environment and their genotype (Muller and Martre, 2019). However, whereas above-ground processes have been the main focus in crop models for decades, the root part has been largely ignored and/or simplified due to difficulty and complexity in root phenotyping and limited access to root data. To fill this gap, you will develop an ecophysiological model of root growth and plasticity in response to spatio-temporal variations of soil water and nitrogen resources. The starting point will be the 3D root architectural model ArchiSimple that we have recently integrated into the wheat crop model SiriusQuality. An important aspect of the model will be that several genotypic parameters will be estimated in root phenotyping platforms. This will allow you to use this model to explore the value of root traits that have already been phenotyped for a bread and durum genetic panel in root platforms (4PMI, INREA; RootPhAir, UCLouvain) and in semi-field conditions (RadiMax, Univ. Copenhagen) and propose root ideotypes to improve wheat performance in suboptimal water and N supply scenarios.

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For further information and to apply, please contact Dr Pierre Martre ( and Dr. Bertrand Muller (
This position will remain open until filled.