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PostDoc in 3D/4D image analysis for plant architecture development phenotyping

23.02.2021 - LEPSE – INRAE, Institut Agro, Montpellier, France

Postdoctoral position in 3D/4D image analysis for plant architecture development phenotyping , 1.5 years, application as soon as possible:

You will work within an INRAE-INRIA-CIRAD collective of ecophysiologists, plant modelers and computer scientists in the frame of the PHENOME-EMPHASIS and EPPN2020 projects to produce a complete solution for the analysis of plant development and architecture. The research effort will focus on the development of time-series analyses of in situ 3D images to characterize the evolution of the spatial structure of plants over time (growth curve, shape evolution) and its modulation according to environmental conditions, in order to allow a genetic analysis of these differences and to retrieve the values of parameters of plant growth simulation models.

You will benefit from large datasets consisting in time series of annotated 3D wheat, maize, sorghum, and rice plant images acquired in the PhenoArch platform and processed with the Phenomenal processing chain. You will first develop algorithms from a set of wheat plant images obtained in two experiments where several water and nitrogen deficit treatments resulted in contrasted plant size and development and for which a number of properties were measured (leaf size, number of leaves, number of tillers….). In a second step, these data will be used to extend different plant growth and development models (e.g. ADEL, SiriusQuality).

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