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14 PhD positions in the area of magnesium implant imaging by the European Training Network “MgSafe”

04.12.2018 - MSCA-ITN ‘MgSafe’, EU

The EU-funded MSCA-ITN ‘MgSafe’ investigates a novel combination of imaging technologies for biodegradable magnesium implants in order to promote patient safety. The PhD candidates will quantify the physical impact and suitability of a variety of modalities on Mg implants. Highly sophisticated imaging techniques (nano and μCT, MRT, PET, USPA, IR) will be developed beyond the forefront of medical device production. This will be done in vivo and with in situ labelling options to deliver noninvasively data on different time and length scales. The body reaction and material behaviour will be investigated during Mg degradation with a precision and plethora of details, which is currently not available.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates for the following PhD projects:

  • Position 1: Biochemist, Biologist
  • Position 2: Biomedical Engineer, Life Scientist
  • Position 3: Medical Scientist, Biochemist, Biologist
  • Position 4: Materials Scientist, Dentist, Medical Scientist
  • Position 5: Veterinary or Biomedical Scientist
  • Position 6: Chemist, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Pharmacist, Physicist
  • Position 7: Biological or Pharmaceutical Chemist, Biologist, Pharmacist, Medical Scientist
  • Position 8: Electronic or Biomedical Engineer
  • Position 10: Physicist, Computer Scientist, Mathematician
  • Position 11: Physicist, Mathematician, Computer Scientist
  • Position 12: Computer Scientist, Mathematician, Materials Scientist
  • Position 13: Physicist, Electrical Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Computer Scientist
  • Position 14: Materials Scientist, (Imaging) Physicist
  • Position 15: Physicist, Biomedical engineer, Biologist

    Deadline for applications: 15.12.2018
    Please find a more detailed project description on the projects website and in the attached PDF: