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Computational Geo-Environmental Engineer

22.06.2018 - CSIRO, Adelaide (Waite Campus), South Australia

CSIRO is seeking a Computational Geo-environmental Engineer/Scientist to be a part of the Environmental Tracers andApplications team in Adelaide. This team sits within the Water Resources Management Program, and operates one of the leading environmental tracer laboratories with strong noble gas analysis capability for groundwater studies.

In this role, you will undertake innovative research and deliver to high impact projects on demonstrating (i) containment capacity of deep crystalline rocks, clay-based sediments or salt rocks for radioactive waste disposal, (ii) degradation of engineered barriers under extreme temperature, pressure, and chemical boundary conditions, and (iii) post-closure repository safety assessment.

As a member of our team, you will contribute to multi-disciplinary projects across CSIRO and its partners, in Australia and overseas. You will have the ability to use rare noble gas isotopes of rock pore fluids for making inferences about the hydraulic isolation capacity of host rocks and presence/absence of exposure pathways across the geosphere.

Your duties will include:

  • Contributing to projects on improving geoscientific characterization of deep rocks and sedimentary formations (e.g. noble gas isotope study of host rock pore fluids, reactive transport modelling of deep subsurface environments, and demonstration of long-term sealing capacity of such deep environments).
  • Contributing coupled thermal-hydrologic-mechanical-chemical processes to deep drilling research projects and associated rock characterization and large-scale fluid migration.
  • Sustaining strong scientific recognition through publication metrics, leadership in national and global geo-environmental science fora, and national and international reputation.
  • Working closely with industry customers to deliver strong research outcomes, leading to adoption and impact from new practice and/or knowledge.
  • Working closely with CSIRO Land and Water leaders to develop research ideas and business opportunities.

Location: Adelaide (Waite Campus), South Australia
Salary: AU$95K to AU$103K plus up to 15.4% superannuation
Tenure: Specified term of 3 years
Job reference: 56597

More information on the position and application:

Applications close: 11:59pm AEST, Thursday 28th June, 2018