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Research team candidates for land cover mapping of the planet by satellite remote sensing time series

11.04.2018 - L’Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium

In support to the Climate Change Initiative of the European Space Agency and the Copernicus Climate Change Service of the European Commission, the Research Laboratory in Environmetrics and Geomatics of the Earth and Life Institute de l’Université catholique de Louvain, seeks qualified and highly motivated candidates to join its research team for mapping the land cover of the planet by satellite remote sensing time series and extracting key thematic information (18 months).

Job description

The successful applicant will join a motivated team of young researchers in charge of research, production (2016-2019) and analysis of annual global land cover maps at 300 m resolution for the CCI / C3S Land Cover programs
(, https://www.esa‐landcover‐ , ).

In close interaction with the European consortium members and other agencies like FAO and ESA, the new researcher will contribute on one hand to establish annual land cover map production at global scale, and on the other hand, to exploit the already produced land cover time series (1992-2015) to address global land change questions in the context of various collaborations. These activities are part of three complementary and demanding projects supported by the European Space Agency and the EU Copernicus program.

Tasks of the new researcher will include:

  • remote sensing research to improve land cover mapping methods in various parts of the world and land time series analysis to derive the land cover statistics in close collaboration with FAO
  • assessment of possible contribution of new satellites such as Sentinel-3 and reports and presentations on the work progress to the projects.

The new researcher will be supervised by an experienced scientist and the project science leader.


The applicant will be:

  • graduated as bioengineer or equivalent;
  • trained in remote sensing and geomatics;
  • fluent in written/ spoken French and English;
  • motivated to carry out research activities in geomatics and remote sensing;
  • ready to actively contribute to collaborative research and international teams.

Additional experiences in land cover/land use mapping, advanced image processing and Python or R programming are most welcomed.


The interested candidates are invited to send a curriculum vitae and a motivation letter by email ( and cc: ) as soon as possible and not later than the 20 April 2018 to

Pr. P. Defourny
UCLouvain \ ELIe_Geomatics
Croix du Sud, 2 bte L5.07.16
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)