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PhD position: stable isotope analysis and geochemistry

29.08.2017 - University of Natural Resources and Life sciences, Tulln (Austria)

The University of Natural of Resources and Life sciences offers a 36-month PhD position in stable isotope analysis and geochemistry.

PhD Thesis:
Development of "Diffuse Gradient in Thin Films (DGT) - multi-collector ICP-MS techniques" for location-specific isotopic fingerprinting of S, Sr and Pb

The project aims at developing a method combining diffusive gradients in thin films (DGT) with multi collector ICP-MS to assess the isotopic composition of the DGT-labile (i.e. reversibly adsorbed/bound) fraction of sulfate-S, Sr and Pb in soils. One major motivation and envisaged application of the deveopment is the consideration that the combination of these isotopic signatures has the potential to act as direct geographic location-specific fingerprint for the provenance determination of primary agricultural products.

The research is conducted at the modern laboratory infrastructure of the University of Natural Resources and Life sciences in Tulln, Austria. The laboratory is equipped with modern ICP-mass spectrometers for elemental and isotope analysis. The research is conducted in collaboration with modern international research partners. Total project duration is 36 months and remuneration follows FWF guidelines (

A strong analytical background is requested. Knowledge of ICP-MS and DGT are an asset.

Start of work: 01.11.2017

Period of work: 36 months

Working and thesis language: English