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Research in the Geoverbund ABC/J

complementary – cross-linked – interdisciplinary

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Geoverbund ABC/J represents the entire range of advanced geosciences within the Aachen-Bonn-Cologne/Jülich research area. This network is unique for the whole region of North-Rhine-Westphalia and pools and connects the expertise of the four member facilities in an even more efficient way.

The focus is on the investigation of the earth-human system. The research aims at trying to identify and solve current global challenges in the fields of evolution of life and earth, environmental dynamics, georesource management and georisk assessment. These four strategic research topics form the basis of the cooperative projects between the network partners. The research focused on current global challenges is interdisciplinary, and because of the broad range of geosciences within the ABC/J research region, highly synergetic. Additionally, the GeoExpert Network (GEN) platform provides rapid access to research partners and technology available within the Geoverbund ABC/J.

As every beginning is hard, Geoverbund ABC/J provides considerable funding for the pre-application period, initiation and establishment of new projects (seed funding). Due to this seed funding, Geoverbund ABC/J is constantly giving new impetus to the initiation of coordinate research. This leads to a reinforcement of the profile and the visibility of the ABC/J region. The declared objective is to strengthen the outstanding reputation of the geoscientific ABC/J research on a national and international level. We gladly inform you about our recent research projects or our support funding of further events such as scientific conferences and workshops or job and internship fairs.

Promotion of young academics is a particular concern of the Geoverbund ABC/J. Once a year it is awarding a young academic award for excellent research in the field of geoscience. Additionally, the Geoverbund ABC/J is highly committed to promoting the education of students.