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HPSC TerrSys

The research focus of HPSC TerrSys is on coupled simulation models. The centre also offers technical and administrative support for access to the Jülich supercomputers.

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CPEX-LAB pools the existing competence within Geoverbund ABC/J to tackle the scientific and technical challenges of observing, understanding and predicting the evolution and dynamics of clouds and precipitation by using passive and active remote sensing.

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Research infrastructure

A stand-alone feature of Geoverbund ABC/J within Germany is the availability of a unique analytical laboratory and high performance computing infrastructure.

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GeoExpert Network (GEN)

The GEN helps potential research partners, students, and the interested public to network and assist them in their search for contacts and related resources.

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National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI)

Within the framework of the NFDI4Earth consortium, Geoververbund ABC/J is committed to the development of a National Research Data Infrastructure for Earth System Sciences.

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