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HPSC TerrSys

The research focus of HPSC TerrSys is on coupled simulation models. The centre also offers technical and administrative support for access to the Jülich supercomputers.

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CPEX-LAB pools the existing competence within Geoverbund ABC/J to tackle the scientific and technical challenges of observing, understanding and predicting the evolution and dynamics of clouds and precipitation by using passive and active remote sensing.

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The "Water" Competence Center (HyCoGeo) is intended to bundle the expertise of the Geoverbund into knowledge and insights into the dynamics of the hydrosphere, which will change significantly in the coming years.

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The envisaged IGSC4i aims to become a platform for isotope researchers and users to realize and explore the full application potential offered

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Research infrastructure

A stand-alone feature of Geoverbund ABC/J within Germany is the availability of a unique analytical laboratory and high performance computing infrastructure.

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GeoExpert Network (GEN)

The GEN helps potential research partners, students, and the interested public to network and assist them in their search for contacts and related resources.

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National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI)

Within the framework of the NFDI4Earth consortium, Geoververbund ABC/J is committed to the development of a National Research Data Infrastructure for Earth System Sciences.

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