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Geoverbund ABC/J

an Alliance for Global Challenges

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Copyright: erosion: Thomas Wiatr/Silke Mechernich; clouds: maraphoto/; field: Martina Chmielewski/; hand: vege/; planet earth: Nadalina/; desert: Daniel Felten; people: Jan Becke/

The Geoverbund ABC/J is the geoscientific network of the Aachen-Bonn-Cologne/Jülich research area. Under this umbrella, the geoscientific institutes of the universities Bonn and Cologne, the RWTH Aachen and the Forschungszentrum Jülich established a cooperation. This enables the four partners to gather their knowledge, forge bonds and networks.

The research focus of Geoverbund ABC/J is on the investigation of the dynamic earth-human system. Together, the researches of the ABC/J-region aim at trying to identify and solve current global challenges in the fields of evolution of life and earth, environmental dynamics, georesource management and georisk assessment.

The Geoverbund ABC/J is committed to the continuous progress of the ABC/J region by providing attracting conditions for outstanding research and promotion of young academics. As a mediator between science, politics and society, the Geoverbund ABC/J aims at raising the visibility of the region as of national and international reputation in the field of geoscience.

Research within the Geoverbund ABC/J

Founded in 2009, the Geoverbund ABC/J is considered a milestone in strategic future concept implementation in geosciences within the ABC/J region. The research focused on current global challenges is interdisciplinary. The four leading research topics are the evolution of life and earth, environmental dynamics and atmosphere due to global change, terrestrial systems and georesource management, as well as georisk assessment. These four topics form the basis of the cooperative projects between the network partners.

The Geoverbund ABC/J sees itself as a fascilitator which offers an optimal framework for cross-site cooperation projects, creating the optimal conditions for outstanding research. For the initiation of new projects, the Geoverbund ABC/J provides considerable funding (seed funding). Seed funding requires minimal administration efforts with short term availability of funding, thanks to the flat organizational structures and fast decision paths in the Geoverbund ABC/J. Additionally, the geoexpert network (GEN) platform provides rapid access to research partners and technology available within the Geoverbund ABC/J.

Furthermore, by founding the High Performance Scientific Computing in Terrestrial Systems (HPSC-TerrSys) in 2011, scientists have direct access to the computer capacities of the Jülich Supercomputing Center (JSC). The Simulation Laboratory Terrestrial Systems (SimLab TerrSys), as part of the HPSC TerrSys and the JSC, thereby supports the implementation of the research by the supercomputer professionally and technically.

Young academics

© Fabian Stürtz/UniKölnCopyright: Fabian Stürtz/UniKöln

Promotion of young academics is a particular concern of the Geoverbund ABC/J. The students of geoscientific courses in the ABC/J region benefit from an extended range of studies by being able to switch between the cooperating institutes without being charged additional study fees.

Once a year the Geoverbund ABC/J is awarding a young academic award for excellent research in the field of geoscience.

HPSC-TerrSys and the Collaborative Reseach Centre/Transregio TR 32 offer structured education for PhD students. The ABC/J-excursion guides young academics through exciting regions of our earth while bringing together Master and PhD students early on for future cooperation. Stipends will be granted by the Geoverbund ABC/J for highly motivated students to attend the excursion. Additionally, we offer support to our graduates by providing an ABC/J job network. This virtual platform informs about potential bachelor and master thesis topics, job positions and internships to assist their start of careers.

Scientific communication

A further key task of the Geoverbund ABC/J is the target-group-specific communication of research results. Therefore, various media channels (RRS-Feed, Twitter, Facebook, newsletter mails, a.o.) are being used. The Geoverbund ABC/J summer party is an opportunity for the members to gather and make contacts in a pleasant atmosphere. Furthermore, the Geoverbund ABC/J wants to spread the diverse and exciting research of its members by contributions published under the heading “Science and Media”. To find an expert for a certain topic or a contact person for a school project etc., the new established GeoExpert Network (GEN) will provide a suitable virtual platform. For any further concerns, please contact our coordination office. And do not miss the interesting events of all our institutes and partners.