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The winners of the Geoverbund ABC/J Young Academics Award 2022

© Geoverbund ABC/JDr. Paromita Deb, 1st prize; Dr. Simone Lechthaler, 2nd prize; Dr. Piero Bellanova, 3rd prize & Dr. Johannes Heuzeroth, special prize (from left to right)
Copyright: Geoverbund ABC/J

Congratulations to the young scientists from the University of Cologne who received this year’s Geoverbund ABC/J Young Academics Award for their outstanding, innovative and interdisciplinary research in geosciences and geography!

Look forward with us to this year's award ceremony, where we will hear more about the exciting research of Dr. Paromita Deb (1st prize), Dr. Somine Lechthaler (2nd prize), Dr. Piero Bellanova (3rd prize) and Dr. Johannes Heuzeroth (Special prize).