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Save the date: Graduate School of Geosciences Research Conference 2017

This year's organising committee is currently preparing an exciting programme for this event and will provide further information as soon as possible.

Graduate School of Geosciences (GSGS)Copyright: Graduate School of Geosciences

The Organising Committee are:

  • Raphael Gromig (Geology)
  • Markus Harak (Geology)
  • Niklas Leicher (Geology)
  • Ulrike Lussem (Geography)
  • Katharina Molitor (Geography)
  • Ina Neher (Meteorology)
  • Stephanie Reilly (Meteorology)
  • Jöran Wrana (Geography)

GSGS Research Conference 2017 is funded by Geoverbund ABC/J.