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Junior specialist with background in soil hydrology and soil-plant-water relation

10.02.2016 - University of California Davis, Davis CA, USA

Improving nitrate and salinity management strategies for tree crops grown under micro-irrigation. We are looking for a junior specialist with background in soil hydrology and soil-plant-water relation to join our team starting immediately.

This is part of an inter-disciplinary project focused on water, salt, and nitrogen dynamics in soil under various agricultural managements with the aim of quantifying and minimizing nitrate leaching below the root-zone of crops and orchards. The on-going experiments use a variety of soil moisture, soil water potential, and soil salinity sensors to quantify soil water dynamics in a network of wireless-connected nodes of data logging and data collection devices. The field data is then used in models of water and solute transport to optimize the irrigation and minimize leaching of water and nitrate below the root-zone. Other measurements include soil solution (nitrate) sampling, soil sampling, soil hydraulic properties, and root growth quantification. We are also in progress of setting-up lysimeter experiments with similar aims. The candidate will be in charge of instrumentation (installing sensors in the ground at different depth and connect them to datalogger), programming the Campbell Scientific dataloggers, maintenance of the deployed sensors and running dataloggers, soil sampling (disturbed and undisturbed), soil moisture measurement using neutron probe and laboratory measurements of nitrate concentration, soil physical and textural properties, water retention properties, hydraulic conductivity (saturated and unsaturated) of the soil samples, leaf water potential, as well as leaf sampling and analysis for nutrient concentration. This position involves daily field sampling at UCDavis field station in Davis and regular field trips (2-4 times a month of one or two-day long trip with overnight stay in a hotel around the work area) to area around Visalia, CA.
A candidate with a background of hydrology, soil science, plant science or closely related fields is desired. Candidates with master degree are in priority. The position is an exempt position and can be a 50% or a 100 % position depending on qualifications and mutual agreements. The end date for this position is September 30 2016 with possible extension for two more years (depends on availability of funding). Ability to drive and a California valid driver license is required for this position. Please send your application to Maziar Kandelous at
Maziar M. Kandelous, PhD
Soil Hydrologist and Irrigation Engineer
3015 Wickson Hall
Department of Plant Sciences
University of California Davis
Davis CA 95616
Phone (530)341-3423
Cell (530)219-9019